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Star Wars-The Force Awakens


Disney Read-along with a CD

Ilustrovaný příběh s CD.

An illustrated 8×8 storybook with audio CD retelling The Force Awakens.

African Tales


A Barefoot collection

Světoznámá aktivistka, herečka a režisérka Gcina Mhlophe nám poskytuje předmluvu ke každému z 8 lidových příběhů, které nás zavedou do všech koutů Afriky.

Get swept away by 8 traditional tales from 8 different African nations retold by master storyteller Gcina Mhlophe, a well-known South African activist, actor, poet, playwright and director. Mhlophe provides a fascinating, fact-filled introduction to each story about the country it comes from to boost young readers‘ reading comprehension, global awareness and geography knowledge. The stories include:
– Nolwandle, Girl of the Waves (Namibia)
– Makhosi and the Magic Horns (Malawi)
– Masilo and Masilonyana (Lesotho)
– The Great Hunter (Swaziland)
– Sea Wind (Senegal)
– Ananse and the Impossible Quest (Ghana)
– The Story of the Wise Mother (Sudan)
– Everything Changes, Everything Passes (Ethiopia)

With the author’s keen insight and Rachel Griffin’s delicate embroidered illustrations, this anthology is truly one-of-a-kind.


Indian Tales


A Barefoot Collection

Objevte rozmanitost Indie díky těmto 8 lidovým pohádkám, každá z rozdílné části Indie.  Překrásné ilustrace, jak bývá u Barefoot books pravidlem.

Discover India’s incredible diversity with these 8 folktales, each from a different Indian state! Learn more about each state’s history, geography and culture with the notes that introduce each story. The tales include:
– The Drummer Boy (Gujarat)
– Bopuluchi (Punjab)
– Princess Mala and the Tree Spirit (Nagaland)
– Damayanti and Nala (Uttar Pradesh)
– Priya’s Magic Bowl (Tamil Nadu)
– Five Men in a Cart (Andhra Pradesh)
– Shaira’s Secret (Rajasthan)
– Hanuman’s Adventures (Kerala)

„Filled with East Indian customs and flavors, magic and secrets, and brave and silly characters, this savory collection is well suited for independent reading, reading aloud, and multicultural studies“ –Booklist

Jewish Tales


The Barefoot Book of Jewish Tales

Barefoot books

Krásně ilustrovaná kniha, která obsahuje 8 židovských povídek-jedna pro každý den Hanukky!  Přiložené jsou nápomocné poznámky a symboly.

Glowing illustrations light up this collection of 8 Jewish folk tales – one for each day of Hanukkah! Retold by rabbi, interfaith leader, wife and mother Shoshana Boyd Gelfand, the stories are accompanied by helpful notes on symbolism and on translations of the Hebrew names. This collection includes the tales:
– Elijah’s Wisdom- Challah in the Ark- Clever Rachel- and more!“A perfect choice for sharing with young families, this will also be welcomed by religious school libraries“ –Booklist

Sharks and other Sea monsters


Candelwick Press.

A New York Times Bestseller, Encyclopedia Prehistorica.

Celá tato kniha ve Vašich rukou ožije.  Až neskutečné provedení, žraloci, ještěrky, škorpiony, chobotnice…sněz nebo bud´sněden..Pod vodou prostě v dávných vodách nikdy nebylo bezpečno.

Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water!  While dinosaurs patrolled the lands, massive prehistoric sharks, giant scorpions, and colossal squid cruised the ancient oceans – most with just one thing in mind: eat or be eaten. Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart explore the prehistoric underwater world, where monsters like megalodon ruled the waves.

Full of captivating facts and more than 35 breathtaking pop-ups, this incredible volume is sure to astonish and amaze everyone from budding marine biologists to confirmed landlubbers. After all, if prehistoric coelacanths and crocodiles are still around, what else might be lurking in today’s largely unexplored oceans?



Terrible true tales from the Tower of London


Walker books.

Vyslechněte si příběhy krkavců z Londýnského toweru, jak příběhy viděli, zažili a slyšeli..Fakta, příšerné i humorné historky, odpovědi na otázky…Dovědět od opravdového mistra, který má krkavce na starosti.

Join the ravens for their true tales of mishaps and mayhem.  Fascinating facts, horrible and hilarious stories and answers to many questions….Afterword by the raven-master.

Riding on a Caravan


A Silk Road Adventure

Barefoot Books

Cesta podél hedvábné stezky s rodinou několika generací na území, kde se Čína setkává s Indií.

Travel along the Silk Road with a multi-generational family from Xi’an, China, to where China and India meet. Along the way, you’ll explore China’s varied geography and discover how the Silk Road fostered cultural diversity a century ago. Includes 9 pages of facts about silk, the cities mentioned in the story, Chinese geography, and even photos from author Laurie Krebs’s travels along the Silk Road!

The Snow Queen


Barefoot books.

Klasika Hanse Christiana Andersena s opravdu povedenými ilustracemi, které celý příběh provází.

An exquisitely illustrated retelling of the classic story by Hans Christian Andersen. An evil troll creates a mirror which reflects the bad and ugly sides of people. Shards of its glass enter a young boy, causing him to reject his loving family and best friend Gerda. Helped by kind strangers and guided by her warm heart, Gerda makes the perilous journey to rescue her friend from the icy palace of the Snow Queen.

Dolphin Baby


Přidejte se na cestu dobrodružství a objevů malého delfína ve velkém modrém oceánu.

V okamžiku, kdy se Dolphin Baby objeví, plave, nahoru, pořád vzhůru… a poprvé se nadechne. Od této chvíle plave v blízkosti matky a objevuje vše, co má vědět o podmořském životě. Malý delfín má mnoho práce – hledání nových přátel, chytání prvních ryb, pískání… a vyslovování svého jména ve zvláštní řeči delfínů!


Autor: Nicola Davies
Ilustrace: Brita Granstrom
Pro věk: 5 let
Formát: Brožovaná, 32 stran
Rozměry: 23,0 x 25,0 cm
Vydavatel: Walker Books Ltd

Další knihy pro děti od 6-8 let


The Genius of Leonardo da Vinci


Barefoot books.

Seznamte se s Leonardem da Vinci: umělcem, pacifistou a vynálezcem.  Knika je nádherně ilustrována.

Meet Leonardo da Vinci: artist, engineer, pacifist and inventor. Told through the eyes of da Vinci’s young apprentice, this stunning book will fascinate youngsters — and inspire everyone! Features original words and drawings from da Vinci’s notebooks to spark curiosity about STEAM and offer a unique glimpse into this boundary-busting thinker.

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker


Anthony Horowith

Nakladatelství Walker

The first book in the number one bestselling Alex Rider series.

In the first book in the number one bestselling Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, fourteen-year-old Alex is forcibly recruited into MI6. Armed with secret gadgets, he is sent to investigate Herod Sayle, a man who is offering state-of-the-art Stormbreaker computers to every school in the country. But the teenage spy soon finds himself in mortal danger.

The Eagle Trail


Robert Rigby

Nakladatelství Walker

Who is the traitor among us?

WWII, German-occupied Antwerp, and life continues as usual for 16-year-old Paul Hansen – until his father is shot. Paul learns that his parents are part of a group of resistance fighters and he’s whisked away by Jos Theys, his father’s closest friend, to the home of an elderly couple. There Paul learns he must leave Antwerp as quickly as possible and travel south through France and across the Pyrenees into Spain, and from there to England, and freedom. It is a journey to save his life. Along the way he is aided by a collection of courageous men and women prepared to risk everything to help him in his desperate fight for survival. Danger is ever present; who can Paul really trust? A tense, hugely compelling tale of bravery, betrayal and first love.