Little Puppy

199,00 119,00

Nakladatelství Igloobooks

Little Puppy wants to join the other animals, but he can´t fly like a butterfly, he can´t swim underwater with the fish and he can´t jump like a cat.  Will he ever find someone to play with?  Join Little Puppy on his journey of discovery in this big, bright board book.

As seen in the photos, slightly torn cover, can be fixed with glue, otherwise all good inside..


Beep Beep

199,00 119,00

Petr Horáček

Nakladatel: Walker books

Nasedat.  Pestré ilustrace, různě vyřezané stránky, tvrdé desky.  Kniha se vejde i do kabelky.  Tato kopie má mírně odrbané rohy a vazbu, uvnitř vše v pořádku.   Pro novou knihu nás kontaktujte :).

Hop in! The bold illustrations and playful sound words in these two board books with die-cut pages will beckon to preschoolers who love things that go.

When a family piles into a bright yellow car to drive to Grandma’s house, they go BROOM, BROOM through the town; VROOM, VROOM along the highway; and CHUG, CHUG over the crosswalk. Getting there is almost as exciting as the welcome that awaits at the end. BEEP, BEEP!

This copy has some worn edges, otherwise ok on the inside.  If you would like a new copy, just email us :).


Pexeso – Farma

359,00 199,00

Nádherné pexeso z dílny Helen Doron English, téma farma.  Velké karty/karton.  Vydrží.  U balení je dopravou poškozená krabice (minimální poškození a s produktem naprosto nic není).

Wonderful memory game from Helen Doron English.  Hardback.  Very high quality.  Farm animals.  This pack has a slight dent in the packaging.  The contents are in  a perfect condition.


The Book with a Hole

359,00 159,00

Výrobce: Tate

Černobílý pracovní sešit s dírou uprostřed. Na každé dvojstraně je určitý úkol. Podporuje děti v kreativitě a fantazii. Vhodné jak pro nejmenší tak i pro školáky.

There’s a book. And there’s a hole. The hole goes right through the middle of the book. There’s no limit to the games you can play or the fun you can have. Just don’t fall into the hole!