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The Barefoot Book of Children

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Barefoot books

Written by Tessa Strickland and Kate DePalma, Illustrated by David Dean

Empower tomorrow’s global citizens to grasp today’s critical social issues with The Barefoot Book of Children. Hand-painted illustrations and straightforward text directly engage the reader, inviting children to ask themselves: How do other children live? How are we different? And most importantly: How are we alike? The Barefoot Book of Children is a playful, powerful and thought-provoking celebration of both the big ideas and the everyday moments that reveal our common humanity and tie us all together.

More info:   https://www.barefootbooks.com/buy-barefoot/product-landing-pages/children


A lyrical exploration of humankind that strikes a lovely balance between celebrating individuality while recognizing the rewards of community”
Publishers Weekly, Starred Review
Logos_Reviewers_UNICEF.png “More than just an exploration of our commonalities, The Barefoot Book of Children is an affirmation of our inherent dignity as human beings”
— Caryl Stern, President & CEO, U. S. Fund for UNICEF
 Logos_Reviewers_Kirkus.png “Definitely add this to the mix to create interested world citizens”
— Kirkus Reviews
Logos_Reviewers_Tillywig.png “Things like individuality and belonging, uniqueness and commonality, diversity and acceptance are communicated in a way that children enjoy and understand… Each colorfully illustrated pair of pages is like a story unto itself, so much so that children tend to linger to take it all in”
— Tillywig Toy & Media Awards
Booklist_Logo.png “Unlike other books about global diversity, this title focuses on common elements of humanity, without first assigning them a label… [T]he artwork is filled with details that will bring new discoveries with every reading. This is an ambitious book that succeeds in capturing all manner of diversity of the human species”
— Booklist
Logos_Reviewers_Tillywig.png “VERDICT: An excellent introduction to cultural diversity for public and school libraries and elementary classrooms. Perfect for geography and social studies lessons”
— School Library Journal
 Logos_Reviewers_TimBernersLee.png “I feel the world becomes a better place for each child who reads [The Barefoot Book of Children] or has it read to them”
— Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web 
 Logos_Reviewers_DrRamatlapeng.png The Barefoot Book of Children is globally inclusive and shows us that, whether we are in Boston, U.S.; or Katmandu, Nepal; or Maseru, Lesotho; our lives are similar yet different… Congratulations to the authors for passing a timely, important message in a picturesque, playful yet compelling manner”
— Dr. Mphu Ramatlapeng, Executive Vice-President, Clinton Health Access Initiative 
 Logos_Reviewers_GMaguire.png “The world unfolds, page to page, with rhythmic clarity and bright appeal.”
— Gregory Maguire, author of Wicked
 Logos_Reviewers_HTavangar.png “The more I look through The Barefoot Book of Children, the more I love it… I’m going to keep The Barefoot Book of Children in a prominent spot, to encourage wonder and imagination that will know no boundaries”
— Homa Sabet Tavangar, Global Education Author / Advisor 
Logos_Reviewers_Tillywig.png “I love how inclusive this book is! I’m excited to use it to engage my daughter in age-appropriate conversations about diversity and to help her make connections between her own experiences and what she sees in the book and ultimately, the rest of the world. Thank you, Barefoot, for publishing such a fabulous and much needed children’s book!”
— Nancy Yue, Raising A Reader, National Office
 Logos_Reviewers_Parade1.png “I have never seen a book encompass the rich tapestry of humanity the way this one does. It represents virtually every skin tone, dozens of world cultures, various disabilities, transracial families, military families, foster families, and gay and lesbian families“
— Shannon Evans, A Great Parade
 The Barefoot Book of Children | Barefoot Books The Barefoot Book of Children is what every library, every school, in my [New York City] borough should be reading and making available to the kids we serve, because every child here will see themselves in this book”
—  Rosemary Kiladitis, Children’s and Academic Librarian
 The Barefoot Book of Children | Barefoot Books “With all the negative discourse going in the world right now (particularly right now), I’ve been on the lookout for positive things that make me and my children feel better…Call me a sappy child of the ’70s, but by the time I was done reading [The Barefoot Book of Children], I was singing, ‚I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.’”
—  Georgette Gilmore, Cool Mom Picks
 The Barefoot Book of Children | Barefoot Books The Barefoot Book of Children would make a special gift for any educator or parent wanting to nurture the seed of loving kindness and empathy in children.”
—  Plenty Magazine


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Farm Families


Templar.  Alison Jay.

Nádherně ilustrovaná kniha, která nám představuje zvířata na statku a jejich svět.


Meet all the families that live on Alison Jay´s special farm.

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Fat cat on a mat and other tales

599,00 499,00


Tato kniha obsahuje 12 titulů z fonetické knižní série.  Skvěle doplněné CD pro ty z Vás, kteří si nejsou jistí výslovností.

This book contains the following Usborne titles: Big pig on a dig, Fat cat on a mat, Fox on a box, Frog on a log, Goose on the loose, Hen’s pens, Mouse moves house, Sam sheep can’t sleep, Shark in the park, Ted in a red bed, Ted’s shed and Toad makes a road. A collection of twelve lively stories with regular, repeated word sounds that are hugely appealing to children learning their first words. Very simple text encourages reading, helping children to sound out individual letters, then blend them together to make whole words. Contains a listen-along CD that brings the stories to life with charming readings.


Alison Jay´s 123

279,00 199,00

Mírně prasklý papír ve vazbě uvnitř první stránky (nevadí při čtení, přišlo takto od nakladatele).


Okouzlující dobrodružství, které sleduje sny jedné spící dívky.  Pojd´te se potkat z mnoha známými z různých pohádek a lidových příběhů od 1 do 10 a zpět.

In this enchanting counting adventure, follow the dreams of a sleeping girl and meet favourite characters from fairy tales and folk stories as you journey from one to ten and back again.

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Listen, Listen


Barefoot Books

Written By: Phillis Gershator, Illustrated By: Alison Jay

32 pages/32 stran, large format boardbook/velkoformátová kniha s tvrdými deskami.

Představte mladým čtenářům 4 roční období, jejich vzhled, zvuky, stopy…

Introduce young readers to the sights and sounds of the year – from summer’s sizzling sun to winter’s crackling snow. Featuring breathtaking illustrations by internationally renowned illustrator, Alison Jay, this book will open your child’s eyes and ears to the world around them!


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That´s not my snowman



Další z That´s not my  série….Ideální na zimní měsíce.  That´s not my Snowman, ideal for the winter months.


The Marine Team



Edukativní kniha ze série, které objevují svět zvířat.  Pět mořských tvorů: tuleň, mořský koník, želva, žralok a velryba.  Obrázky a rýmy.

Teach your children about our aquatic friends with this fun and educational book, part of a series that explores the natural world.  Jako bonus naleznete na vnitřní zadní straně zajímavá fakta :).


Five sea creatures – a seal, seahorse, shark, turtle and whale – are explored through rhyme and pictures. With two spreads dedicated to each creature, adults will be able to read the short playful rhyme on each spread to children and look at the bright illustrations to teach them about their habits and environment. The book also features some fun facts about each animal on the inside back cover.

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Allison Jay´s Fairy Tales

Kouzelná cesta barevným světem pohádek dle Alisson Jay.  Každá strana ukazuje výjev z jiné pohádky.  Zároveň můžete otočit kolo a změnit děj pohádky…
This changing-picture book is a magical journey through Alison Jay’s colourful world of fairy tales. Each page features a different well-known fairy tale.  „Once upon a time a special book was found that had six magic wheels to turn a tale around!“
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Alisson Jay´s Baby Journal

519,00 499,00

Originální dárek pro nastávající rodiče.  Udělejte sobě, či blízkým radost s tímto unikátním deníčkem pro první roky života dítěte.  Od nejoblíbenějšího jídla, po dovolené, úsměvy, příbuzenstvo…Spousta místa na kreativitu, fotky, psaníčka…vše doplněno o skvělé kresby of Allison Jay.

Celebrate those first precious years of your baby’s life with this stunning journal. Record everything from your baby’s favourite foods, family tree and first holiday to the first time they laughed. Space for photos, written memories and other interactive features are complemented by Alison Jay’s touching artworks, producing a book that offers a truly personal memento of those important moments. Novelties include family message cards and a letter to be written by parents for their child on their 18th birthday.

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Allison Jay´s 123


Okouzlující dobrodružství, které sleduje sny jedné spící dívky.  Pojd´te se potkat z mnoha známými z různých pohádek a lidových příběhů od 1 do 10 a zpět.

In this enchanting counting adventure, follow the dreams of a sleeping girl and meet favourite characters from fairy tales and folk stories as you journey from one to ten and back again.

Piqipi Štěnátko/Puppy



Interaktívna detská kniha Šteniatko obsahuje: 3 sady abecedy, rámček na fotku, 2 zapínateľné pracky, 6 pestrofarebných vyberateľných kostičie, 4 kostičky zapínateľné na gombíky, dlhý jazyk zapínateľný na gombík, 10 farebných koliesok zapínateľných na cvoky, 4 postavičky, 5 maňušiek rodinky Piqipi, teniska so šnúrkou, vrecúško na piškôrky, 12 hracích prvkov na piškôrky. Spolu 123 odoberateľných a interaktívnych dielov.

  • Materiál : 90% polyester, 10% bavlna
  • Vhodné pre deti od 3 rokov
  • Odporúčame hrať sa spolu s dospelou osobou

Piqipi Zajíc-Bunny



Interaktivna detská kniha Zajko obsahuje: 3 sady abecedy, rámček na fotku, strana plná pásikov na preplietanie, 6 odoberateľných farieb dúhy na suchý zips, otvárateľné dvierka na stodole, 6 maňušiek – zvieratiek, točiací sa veterný mlyn, 8 geometrických tvarov na suchý zips, 10 očíslovaných mrkvičiek, 10 gumových krúžkov, šnúrka na prevliekanie, rozopínateľná vesta na gombíky. Spolu 108 odoberateľných dielov.

  • Materiál : 40% polyester, 60% bavlna
  • Detailné prevedenie, množstvo šikovných aktivít