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The Prince´s Breakfast


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Mladý princ ohrnuje nos nad vším, co mu rodiče podstrojují k snidani a to po celém světě.  Až jednoho dne objeví…..kečup :). Pohádka s CD.

When the fussy young prince turns his nose up at his royal breakfast, the king and queen decide to hit the road. The whole royal family embarks on a madcap global adventure to Mexico, India and beyond in search of something the prince will eat. With story CD narrated by Hugh Bonneville!

Bear About Town


Výrobce:  Barefoot Books

Projďete se s medvědem a objevte různé práce a krajiny.  Rýmovaný text, dny v týdnu, atd.  Ideální pro předškolní věk.

Walk down to town with Bear and discover all the different businesses and settings. The rhyming text teaches days of the week, and is complemented by a full-spread map of the town at the end.

Bear at Work: Fun Activities


Výrobce: Barefoot books

Spousta úkolů, nálepek a zábavy s medvědem. Pomožte mu roznést poštu.

Join Bear and enjoy all kinds of fun activities with him as he delivers letters and parcels around town!

Jack and the Beanstalk


Výrobce:  Barefoot  Books

Příběh o Jackovi a fazolích.  Tradiční pohádka s obrázky a poslechovým CD.

One day, when they have no food left, Jack’s mum sends him to market to sell the cow. On the way, Jack bumps into a funny little man wearing a big, baggy jacket with big, baggy pockets. In the pockets lie six bewitched beans, but the funny little man has lost the instructions for them. Jack’s adventure begins when he swaps his cow for six magic beans that grow to the land of the clouds.


The Mountains of Tibet

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Magic Hoofbeats

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Milujete koňe, tuto knihu musíte mít.  Obsahuje osm nádherných příběhů z celého světa, světa koní.  Od Indie po Kanadu.  CD a velice pěkné ilustrace.

Lose yourself in the world of the equestrian with this unique, beautifully illustrated anthology of stories about magical, mystical and memorable horses. Bringing together stories from many different traditions and containing fascinating notes about the different breeds, this book is guaranteed to become a much treasured volume in any child’s collection. A must for horse lovers everywhere, the book is written by horse whisperer Josepha Sherman and illustrated in radiant hues by artist Linda Wingerter.

Up, up, up


Výrobce:  Barefoot Books

Pojďme se proletět balónem, přes hory a doly…Let´s take a balloon ride around the world..